10 April 2006

Book Banter -- Idlewild

Title: Idlewild
Author: Nick Sagan
Length: 275 pages
Genre: sci-fi
Plot Basics: There's not really a way to do this part without ruining the book. It's the kind of book where the plot starts with the very first sentence and won't let go until the very last. So, here are the first two sentences (just in case one isn't enough).

I'm not dead.

A dim realization but an important one, because I should have died.

Banter Points: This is Word Nerd's third reading of Idlewild. Even knowing what happens at the end does not diminish from these great characters, spot-on dialogue and WEIRD story.
Bummer Points: Obviously, if Word Nerd's read it three times, there's not overly much wrong with it.
Word Nerd recommendation: Read it. Then get the sequel "Edenborn." Then come back here on May 2 and read Word Nerd's Author Answers with Nick Sagan. Then get the third book, "Everfree" at the end of May.


Unknown said...

Idlewild is exceptional. Great recommendation.

Roxann said...

Roxann reads the blog recommendation.

Roxann immediately leaves for the library.

Back later!