04 April 2006

Author Answers with Anne Frasier

It's time for another Q&A with an author.

This week, it's Anne Frasier. Frasier is the author of Hush, Sleep Tight, Play Dead, Before I Wake and Pale Immortal, which is scheduled for release in September. For more information on Frasier, check out her website, or her blog.

1. Place you do most of your writing:
Sitting on the floor in the living room, laptop on a tray table, back against the couch.
2. While you write, do you do anything else (munch on carrots or drink tea or listen to heavy metal, for example?)
I drink tea. I always intend to drink water, but that rarely happens.
3. Why did you decide to be a writer?
I don’t think I ever decided to become a writer; I decided to write a book. Then another book. It was a long time before I ever said I’m a writer. I’ve written eighteen books and it still feels strange to say those words.
4. What author(s) inspire you?
J. D. Salinger, Stephen King, Michael Cunningham. Many more.
5. How long did you have to work on writing before your first book was accepted for publication? Four years.
6. What made you keep working until it was done?
I’m stubborn and was completely unwilling to accept defeat.
7. How did you feel when you first saw your name on the cover of a book?
I had to keep looking at it. Even though I could see it in my mind because I’d stared at it for so long, I had to keep picking up the book over and over. But there was also a very disconnected feeling and an inability to completely embraced the moment because it seemed so unreal.
8. If you had to actually live the life of one of the characters in your book(s) who would you want to be and why?
I would like to be Rachel Burton from PALE IMMORTAL -- my upcoming September release. She’s independent, and practical, yet finds herself visited and guided by the dead.


Anonymous said...

Sitting on the floor in the living room, laptop on a tray table, back against the couch.

I sense a revolution in ergonomics. =D

Enjoyed the interview, Anne and Bethany!

anne frasier said...

jason: LOL!

I must also add that i write in bed. forgot that one.

i have neck problems and several years ago i bought an ergonomic chair and desk. argghh!! didn't help at all. in fact, it made things worse. i gave the chair and desk away. it took me several years to come up with the floor design. :D really. it did take me several years to figure out the hard floor worked best as far as being able to keep the back/shoulder/elbow line right.

Anonymous said...

Nice interview. I'm reading Hush right now. Lovely cover.

anne frasier said...

jamie, the Hush cover is amazing. probably the best cover i'll ever have. unfortunately they've gotten progressively worse since that one. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that first one is special. Hard to surpass that "first love". They look like they're from the same designer, or created to appear that way.

I'm an art director by day, so I'm pretty critical (jaded?), but I think yours are all strong. Honestly.

To me, cover design really speaks volumes about what literary strata you're in. Not just genre, but quality, caliber--what level of work you represent.

Looks like you're a "playa".

Sandra Ruttan said...

Great interview Anne! At least you don't try using your laptop on an exercise ball.