21 April 2006

Book Banter -- Murder in the Bastille

Title: Murder in the Bastille
Author: Cara Black
Length: 276 pages
Genre: mystery
Plot Basics: Parisienne computer programmer and detective Aimee Leduc is knocked unconscious in an alley near the Bastille one night, trying to return a cell phone to a woman. When she awakes, she learns another woman was murdered that same night one passage over, and Aimee won't let anything stop her from figuring out the mystery.
Banter Points: Aimee Leduc is a great character and the challenges that she faces in this book are fantastic. Also, this book (and the whole series) just oozes with French culture and a side of Paris that isn't captured in the tourist posters.
Bummer Points: The ending is not quite as strong as rest of the book. Without giving too much away, some things that happen to Aimee in the book are undone at the end and it feels a little cheap.
Word Nerd recommendation: These books stand more on their own, but it's worth it to go back and read Murder in the Marais, Murder in the Belleville and Murder in the Sentier first. Also, check back here on in May for an Author Answers with Cara Black.

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