15 March 2011


I've been plotting out the next steps in a couple of areas in my life.

First, I'm in the middle of the semester that brings me half-way through my MBA program. I mapped out my remaining classes against the proposed schedule offered by the school and I'll be done at the end of December 2012. Can I say thrilled? That's three more semesters, not counting what's left of this one.

Second, on April 16, I am running my first ever 5K. I'm taking the Couch to 5k approach. Next week's weather is supposed to be in the mid to upper 40s. I cannot wait to see how I do running my 3.1 miles outside versus in the gym on the treadmill. And at my house, it's dogs, not cats. The dogs are THRILLED about the running.

Third, writing. Actually, it's the lack there of when it comes to writing. I am starting to get that feeling in the back of my head that there's a novel or a story building. I've been ignoring it for the last three years. Other than journaling and blogging, I haven't been writing at all. And I'm okay with that.

Here's why: when I stopped writing in 2008, I never thought I'd pick it up again. I wasn't happy with so much in my life that year. Now, I realize the source of that unhappiness was coming mainly from one aspect of my life. It was very out of control and I did not know what to do about it.

I ignored that one aspect and set some goals for the MBA program. Then I added in fixing my overall health and exercising regularly. I found a plan that worked for both of those. Along the way, I found the discipline I need to accomplish the goals I set. And that piece that was making me unhappy? It is gone. Actually, it's an adjustment of attitude.

Committing to any long term program takes dedication and devotion. It means putting your time in - whether through classroom participation or making sure rubber is meeting the road. It means developing and following a plan.

I look back at where I paused my writing life, and where I am now. The countless lessons I learned between there and here convince me that come January 2013, I will be ready to get back on the writing path, happy to have completed the MBA path.

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