25 March 2011

Agatha Christie Update

I decided that Agatha Christie reading would be a fun way to spend some of my non-homework reading time. My local library has a great electronic collection. I love audio books so it's a perfect match.

Plus I can listen in the car on my commute or while exercising. Always a good way to pass the time during those activities.

So I have finished the first two Poirot books and am about half way through the first Tuppence and Tommy book. Both are delightful for different reasons. I can really see how Poirot has influenced many detectives since his time. For example, take Monk. His fastidiousness and OCD behavior is a shared trait with Poirot. Perhaps exaggerated, but nonetheless, the roots must be in Poirot.

I'm excited about this project, even though I am not taking the time to review each title. It's an enormous task to undertake, but a fun one.


Bethany K. Warner said...

Keep us posted on the progress or when one really catches your attention!

Stacie Penney said...

Absolutely! I think the delightful thing now is recognizing where others have used her legacy in their own character development.