13 December 2010

Word Nerd's Been Blurbed!

One of my long-time aspirations for Word Nerd when I started it was to have the reviews posted here "blurbed" for books. A blurb, in case you were wondering, is that quote by another author or a review on the front that's supposed to lend credence to why you should read this book

It's finally happened. And Word Nerd's not buried on the inside, oh no.

Check out the bottom of this cover, enlarged to show detail:

A FRONT COVER blurb for a NY Times best-selling series.

I'm standing in Borders' YA section trying to find a book for my mentee for Christmas. I don't think she reads my blog, but if she does, try to act surprised when you open the package, OK? I've read (and throroughly enjoyed) the Morganville series so the new omnibus editions would make a great gift, I'm thinking.

And there it is. At the bottom. A blurb. Credited to Word Nerd.

At first I think, oh, it must be some other Word Nerd. Except there isn't another one. The podcast that had the same name is kaput. And, as I read it again, it sure sounded like something I would write.

So I bought the book for my mentee and vowed to check the all-knowing internet when I got home. And lo and behold, from Feb. 2, 2009, there it is. My exact words in the review of the series' 5th book.

I'm a huge fan of Rachel Caine's work and I'm thrilled that Word Nerd's first blurb -- or the first one I saw -- is on one of hers.

Word Nerd's blurbing service, now open for business.