14 December 2010

Book Banter -- Side Jobs

Title: Side Jobs
Author: Jim Butcher
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 400+ pages
Where Stacie's Copy Came From: Oshkosh Public Library

Plot Basics: Dresden has a life inbetween the novels - who knew? These stories capture some of those moments.

Banter Points: The stories were great and Butcher's notes about the history of how the story came to be were even better. Bethany and I have spent no small amount of time wondering how Butcher can bear to continue to torture Dresden (and and the reader). Butcher shares that the stories have him laughing gleefully when he isn't busy cackling with joy.

Some maniacal plotting is going on here.

Bummer Points: The last story is told from Karrin Murphy's point of view. That in and of itself isn't a bummer point. We STILL don't know what happened to Harry. Murphy is very capable of serious butt kicking all by herself, but even she realizes that Chicago without Harry Dresden is a bad thing.

Stacie's Recommendation: As always, pick it up. Immediately. It's a fabulous read.


Bethany K. Warner said...

I'm something like number 15 in line for this hold... I was 36 at one point, so I'm making progress, but I'm growing impatient for sure!

Stacie Penney said...

I have to admit, that it is KILLING ME to not spill what happened in the Murphy story :)