15 December 2010

Best of 2010 -- First Book in a Series

It's the second of the Award Wednesdays here at Word Nerd.

Our second category is Best First Book in a Series. Again, the book doesn't have to be published this year, just read by the Word Nerd bloggers during this past calendar year. This category was almost a tie (as was last week's) but in the end, we went with different books. All the more to enjoy!

Stacie's Pick:
Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati

This was a lovely read that set off a nice six book series that came to an end this year. The characters were rich and varied, without having too much of a modern voice. I love reading series where the characters that grow and develop along with the subsequent books. Even better, there was a bit of a lag between novels so that not only did they have a chance to grow and change, there were parts of their lives that the reader wasn't privy too. It helped keep the characters fresh since they had new secrets to uncover.

Bethany's Pick:
Secret Societ Girl by Diana Peterfreund

I haven't had as much fun reading a book in a long time as I did reading this one. The characters are enjoyable, the dialogue witty and fun, and the tone full of the right blend of pop culture and snark.

I barreled through the first book and then kept on going. Normally, I space series out over a long period, but I finished all four of these books in the span of a few months. Secret Society Girl was just brimming with such potential for the series, it had to get the nod from me.

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