03 September 2010

Stacie's August Bibliometer

I remember my delight to discover that my cohort here was also a reader who kept a log of the titles read. It validated my own quirkiness.

This month, I managed four books, which is my average count per month for the year. However the total pages at 2,389 indicates that everyone of those books was pretty fat. Most mass market paperbacks average 350.

See, quirky behaviors lead to quirky stats.

Total for the year, I'm at 35. All indicators point to this being a low reading year. If I keep up the current pace, I'll hit 53.

I've kept a list since 2001, topping 100 5 of the nine years. It's kinda fun to look back to the pre-marriage year and see the number at 168, the year of my first baby at 53, and last year at 103, which is slightly above the average. Some day, I'll look back at this year, and realize how my new role at work impacted it. And when the number tops 100 again, realize how far I've come in balancing work and life. Just like it did after those other significant events.

A quick glance says that I'm reading less books, but more pages. In 2009, my average page count per book was 329; this year is 456.

Ah, quirky stats galore.

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