10 September 2010

Reading Shift

I've spent the last several months reading fantasy and historical novels. While I still have a fairly long TBR full of those titles, including series that I'm in the middle of, I'm longing for some good mysteries, cop novels or detective stories.

Part of me is thinking that I should read some Rex Stout, as I was introduced to him the first time at BoucherCon last year. I really liked that early American detective story. I watched Sherlock Holmes this summer and was misty-eyed enough to order a complete set of Conan Doyle's work. I could pull those out. And then there's all those reviews from Word Nerd for the Micheal Connelly series for Harry Bosch, which I've read some of, but not all and not in order.

I'm not settled on any given series yet. What's your vote?

Leave me a comment on your fav and why I should read that instead of one of the options I'm already considering.

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