21 September 2010

Power of Libraries

Probably my best reading memory was my first trip to a Real Library. It definitely a proper noun in my head, then and now.

I remember my card getting handed over to me, with my name and address printed on it, in red because I wasn't allowed to check out grown-up books without permission. As the card was passed from the librarian to me, I asked, "How many books can I take at once?"

And the answer was as many as I could read before we came back next.

The answer prompted a question to my mom of when are we coming back. I picked out what I thought was the appropriate number of books -- about ten or so. We were coming back in a week.

When the librarian asked if that many was okay with my mom, she shrugged and said that I probably would finish them before next Saturday.

I don't remember if I did or not, but the power of unlimited books is something that I adore about my local library. Every time I pay a fine or my tax bill, I pretend that the whole amount solely supports my reading habits.

Libraries have that sort of power. What's your library story?


Belinda Kroll, YA Victorian Romance said...

I have many library stories, but one of my favorites is when I was almost ten years old. I joined the summer reading/writing program at the library and wanted to know how to get my work published.

"You're a bit young for that, aren't you?"

"I'm almost ten. I want to be published," I said.

Never question the tenacity of a ten-year-old. :)

Stacie Penney said...

Love it!