24 August 2010

Re-read? Yes, Please

I love re-reading books. It started when I lived in a tiny, tiny town in South Dakota -- all 312 people there. (My brother and sister-in-law still live there, in fact.) No library inside the town except those provided by the school classrooms. Let's be honest. They were less than good.

So I hoarded books and re-read everything that came my way. In the third grade though, it was the original Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Maybe it was the fact that Laura grew up near by in De Smit. Maybe it was because of the trip we took as a vacation visiting her various homesteads. Maybe it was the television show.

Likely, it was because Laura grew up into a real author.

Most of the kid books that I share with my two boys (10 and 7) are ones I discovered as an adult during college (I originally started life as a teacher). I don't recall reading many picture books outside of the Dr. Seuss books like "Green Eggs and Ham." I'm sure I did.

My boys are not interested in the Wilder books. But I have hopes that some of my other adult re-reads are ones that they will. The 10 year old, aka Ollie, is almost ready for the next one -- Harry Potter. More on that next time.

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