27 August 2010

Re-read and share

So, it's probably no secret to anyone who knows me that I adore Harry Potter. Who wouldn't want to discover that the horrible, awful situation that is your life, isn't real and you had somewhere to go that is your life?

Yes, I'm talking grown-ups too.

In all seriousness, J.K. Rowling created a world that drew readers and non-readers in. She created a world that turned off video games and turned on flashlights under bed covers. She not only made it okay to read, she made it okay to pretend, to play make believe, to have a fantasy.

My boys have adopted the movies as their favorite form of absorbing the books. I refuse to watch more than number 1 or maybe 2, because it destroys the pictures in my head.

They aren't quite ready to pick up the books yet. Ollie should be but the movies make it too easy for that particular breed of 10 year old turn pages. Goofball McGee isn't quite old enough to read the books at the age of 7 but give him a couple of years and that whole "picture in my head" thing will start to make sense.

Isn't sharing grand?

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