23 August 2010

Book Banter -- The Narrows

Title: The Narrows
Author: Michael Connelly
Length: ~450 pages
Genre: mystery
Where Bethany's copy came from: Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library
Plot Basics: Harry Bosch, still on his own as a PI, is called to investigate the death of a friend that looks like should have bene natural, but may not be. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Rachel Walling gets the call she's been dreading receiving for years -- the Poet, a notorious serial killer, isn't dead and is killed again. As Bosch and Walling's cases converge, they will have to rely on each other to outsmart this killer.
Banter Points: These two books where Bosch isn't part of the police force have been an interesting character study to see how he moves through the world without the backing of the badge. Bosch is still highly disciplined, but that discipline slips a little more in this book. It's interesting to see Bosch and Walling work together since they are both outsiders trying to maneuver through a system that doesn't want them.
Bummer Points: Connelly cuts loose one of his recurring characters in this book and I'm kind of disappointed. I can't say more without spoilers, but while it made for a good story, I'm bummed because I think there would have been a lot of potential for that character in the future.
Word Nerd Recommendation: I'm still thoroughly enjoying my trip through Connelly's back list and getting excited that I'm only 7 books from being caught up. Again, this is a must-read series for fans of police procedurals and detective novels.

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