12 October 2009

Book Banter -- Playing Dead

Title: Playing Dead
Author: Allison Brennan
Length: ~375 pages
Genre: romantic suspense
Plot Basics: Claire O'Brien's father, Tom, a former cop, has been sitting on death row for years for the murder of her mother and her mother's lover. But he escapes from prison during an earthquake. Since then, he's been helping authorities round-up other fugitives. But Tom has always claimed he's innocent of the crimes and with his freedom, he's determined to prove it. He appeals to Claire for help. pushing her to hear out what a local Innocence Project chapter may have uncovered about her case. Claire finally takes a chance and believes her father. As she investigates, she ends up on a dangerous path trying to expose killers and unaware that one of them in lying in wait for her.
Banter Points: This was pretty typical romantic suspense mind-candy -- girl in distress falls for FBI agent trying to protect her despite the boatload of big lies he's told her in an effort to keep her safe. The subplot about Tom was much more interesting, but it was definitely not the focus of the book.
Bummer Points: This was pretty typical romantic suspense mind-candy. Word Nerd's laying off Allison Brennan again for a while.
Word Nerd Recommendation: Beach read, airplane book, something for when your mind is too full of other stuff to concentrate a lot on a book.

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