08 December 2008

A public health PSA

Word Nerd doesn't usually vary much from her topics of books and writing, but for once, she thinks it's exceptionally important.

That trip to Chicago she was supposed to make didn't happen because she got the flu (as in influenza, not the stomach bug that people call the flu).

Here's the PSA part -- if you haven't gotten a flu shot, go get one. Trust Word Nerd... any temporary discomfort from the vaccine is way better than being laid flat by this virus for 5-6 days. Days 1 and 2, Word Nerd couldn't do much but stay in bed -- fever, body aches, chills, pounding, pounding headache. Days 3 and 4, Word Nerd was feeling better, but not much. Fever was down, aches were gone, except for the headache. Day 5 -- first full day fever-free, but wiped out.

You don't get the flu from the flu shot.

Do yourself and the people you care about a favor... get the shot so you don't get this illness.


Tolmek said...


Glad that you're feeling better, though.

Will you be able to reschedule your trip?

Oh, and congratulations on finishing your editing! :)

Emily said...

Sorry you were so sick! I completely agree with you and even made my husband go with me to get the shot. He had to hold my hand of course because I am a complete baby but they gave me a sucker afterwards so all in all, it was worth it! :) Sorry about your trip though.