30 December 2008

Book Banter -- Die Trying

Title: Die Trying (Jack Reacher, bk. 2)
Author: Lee Child
Length: ~400 pages
Genre: Mystery/thriller
Plot Basics: Drifter Jack Reacher is again in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trying to be a gentlemen and help an injured woman with her dry cleaning, when they are both kidnapped off a Chicago in broad daylight. Reacher and the woman are taken to a militia camp in Montana and Reacher decides that he will escape with the woman, no matter what it takes.
Banter Points: Reacher is such an interesting character, because of his drifter nature. He, of course, manages to drift into trouble all the time. Like a lot of detective/noir/hard-boiled characters, he's got that set of standards he lives by and that governs his actions.
Bummer Points: Maybe Word Nerd's crazy, but she remembers the first Reacher book being in first person and was surprised when this one was in third. Is she remembering wrong?
Word Nerd Recommendation: Like hardboiled crime stories, like Spenser or Mickey Spillane? IF so, read the Reacher series.

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