01 December 2008

Chicago Fiction

Word Nerd's headed up to the Windy City tomorrow for three days of training to learn how to supervise new AmeriCorps*VISTA members joining the team at her real work.

The trainings are an all day affair, but once it's evening, she'll won't have much to do but sit around her airport hotel room. To stave off the boredom, she's packing books. (What else?)

In honor of her visit to Chi-town, Word Nerd's reading things set in that city. Up first, Jim Butcher's 9th book of the Dresden Files, "White Night." Granted, these books are more heavy on the magic than the Chicago, but it's still set there.

After that, she's got Sean Chercover's "Trigger City." Word Nerd is not making the same mistake that she did the last time she bought one of Sean's books and then waited forever before reading it. No, this one she's going to get to right away.

Word Nerd's got her book picks set for this trip, but anybody else have a favorite title that's set in Chicago?

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Msp said...

Hmmm, The Jungle-the evils of the packing industry during the 19th century.

Devil in the White City-a who dunnit set during the 1893 World's Fair.

The V.I. Warschawski, detective mysteries, set in
Chicago... a bit over the top, but fun locations.

Enjoy the Windy City and of course the snow. Don't miss the Festival of Trees at the Museum of Science and Industry...trolley or a quick busride from downtown.