04 November 2008


Word Nerd kicked off another week of editing last night, after taking off a three day weekend for a Halloween shindig for her work on Friday and having her mom (Hi Mom!) in town for the weekend.

Last night, she plowed through initial changes to chapters 30-33. Tonight, the real work begins as she picks apart ch. 30-31 and makes the big fixes. This two-step editing process seems to be working. First Word Nerd inputs the mostly cosmetic changes to the chapter that she noticed when she read the whole book through sometime much earlier this year. Punctuation and missing words fixed, then she prints out a clean copy of the chapters and edits for content, consistency, pacing, etc. The second set of fixes is where all the work really happens.

On the first fix pages for these chapters, Word Nerd had huge sections where she didn't change anything, which she hopes is sort of a good sign... not a good sign for having polished prose, necessarily, but a good sign that when she hit this section of the book on the first read through, she forgot about editing and got sucked into story.

Watch for editing meter changes soon.

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