19 November 2008

Editing Progress

So this is it. Word Nerd is to her last week of editing the novel before turning it over to a group of dedicated readers to get some feedback.

Word Nerd's NaNoEdMo has been a great success. Starting Monday, she's got seven solid days of editing in a row to finish. Barring no emergencies, next Tuesday, she should be able to post that she's done.

Yes, done.

This is the second novel Word Nerd's written, but the first one never got close to this stage of done-ness. Word Nerd's sure she'll get some comments back from readers, but nothing that would unravel the plot.

She thinks there will have to be some sort of celebration for this kind of done-ness. What exactly, she doesn't know. Maybe some chocolate cake in honor of the old Chocolate Cake Club.

Any thoughts on an appropriate celebration?

1 comment:

Stacie Penney said...

Definitely cake. And perhaps a small token to remind you of the event, like an indulgent knick knack. Or a new book.