24 January 2008

The End Comes. Again.

In August 2006, Word Nerd announced she was hibernating for a weekend and was going to finish her first WIP. In that post, she was pretty darn certain that weekend and about 10K more words to go was it.

Word Nerd's making a similar, albeit slightly less certain, declaration about this weekend. Things in the current WIP have hit a fevered pitch where Word Nerd just needs to sit and pound out the rest of the book. And with not much on her calendar for this weekend and a fairly well-stocked refrigerator, she thinks this is it.

To be clear, Word Nerd still has MUCH typing left to go to transfer all the stuff from the handwritten notebooks into the document. That's not what she's looking at this weekend. This weekend could be the end of writing new stuff. Or at least almost the end. She's got to at least get through the story's climax. Depending on how it's going, the final resolution/denouement may get written this weekend or it might be next week.

This is all coming about because last night Word Nerd hit a critical scene. Critical. As in, all the plot threads and conspiracies and double-crosses were laying themselves open. The protagonist is caught in this whole web. Her choices are bleak. The novel, Word Nerd thinks, is working.

It's time to wrap this one up.


Stacie Penney said...


Did you stock up on dark chocolate M&Ms? I don't think I can ship them to you in time.

Bethany K. Warner said...

There may be a trip to the store involved to get those.
Or some other kind of munchy. Or maybe soup. It's very cold by the windows where Word Nerd's computer is.

Clay said...

I envy you. For me this is the most exciting time in any longer format story I write.

Dark Chocolate M&M's? I prefer jellybeans! yummy. And of course, being on the coast, we don't have cold windows.

Congratulations and good luck this weekend.

Belinda Kroll, YA Victorian Romance said...

Ooh if you're going to get soup, I suggest clam chowder. Ever since I read Moby Dick it's the only soup I eat anymore haha. Well, that and french onion soup.

Otherwise, I love writing with a bag of trailmix beside me. The type that has M&Ms, peanuts, etc. Something about the salt of the peanuts and the sweetness of the chocolate stimulates my mind like none other. Good luck and congrats on that critical scene!