02 January 2008

December writing goal and January attempt

The word meter for December did make it to full (YAY!) and just barely. Word Nerd admits, she finished off the monthly writing on New Year's Eve. This is definitely a better late than never type deal.

So, 30K words done for the month of December, which was only 20K new words. Word Nerd's being aggressive for January, with a 30K monthly goal.

30K in January will bring the total up to 60K. For fantasy epic type story (which this book is), 60K is a good half or maybe two-thirds of the whole thing. Word Nerd's hoping also that she will either write the end this month or be darn close. She's got 3.5 notebooks full of the handwritten beginning to the story, so with all those words, plus the new stuff she's added, it should be getting close to time to wrap this puppy up. The good news is the outline is getting worked through and there are fewer and fewer scenes that Word Nerd thinks she needs to write.

To clarify, the 30K goal for this month does include the continued typing in of some of the handwritten stuff.

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Clay said...

Congratulations on meeting your monthly goal!