17 January 2008

Book Banter -- Star Risk, Ltd.

Title: Star Risk, Ltd.
Author: Chris Bunch
Genre: sci-fi
Length: 344 pages
Plot Basics: Former Alliance Marine M'Chel Riss has turned to a life of crime. After getting pinched on a job, she joins up with the newly-formed Star Risk, Ltd., company. Their first assignment, ingratiate themselves with Reg Goodnight, the leader of an asteroid mining company that needs protection against raiders that keep hiting their system. Star Risk lands the contract, but finding the raiders is going to the take the entire company's cunning.
Banter Points: Fairly easy read, aside from some technobabble every so often.
Bummer Points: Word Nerd was looking for a space opera series to read. This is not that series. The character fall flat, the plot is choppy with too many leaps and jumps, the aliens are too much like Ewoks. Word Nerd struggled to finish this book becuase she was bored and not at all swept up in the vision of the universe Bunch was creating.
Word Nerd Recommendation: Skip it. For space opera, Word Nerd knows that she should stick to some of the more recognized masters like Peter Hamilton and C.J. Cherryh.

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