20 September 2007


Yes, the page count meter is slowly creeping up this month. Since Word Nerd hasn't yet set pencil to paper for today, the meter is exactly where it should be in the one-page-a-day plan.

She was hoping to make more progress on the WIP this month, but sometimes life gets a little busy for that. A page a day is still respectable. The difficulty now is that the story is getting to the good part -- murder! treason! possible regicide!

As a writer, it's harder to stop writing some of these scenes. That unfortunately means that if Word Nerd doesn't think she has the time, she's not starting them... Again, she's wondering if it's time to abandon the composition books for the keyboard, where the words flow a bit faster.


Anonymous said...

You write in composition books and not on the computer?? I am in awe. I heard Neil Gaiman wrote Stardust by hand with a fountain pen, which may just be an urban legend, to change his storytelling style.

Do you think writing by hand rather than on the computer changes how you write?

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Good luck! At least you have goals and are filling them. :) :)

Anonymous said...

Scientists and inventors have blessed mankind with much good, and cursed them with much evil.

The jury is still out on whether the word processor is one of the evil bits.

So I say, dive in and start typing. :)

Anonymous said...

Writing by hand does change things.
Number one, if affects word choice. Don't know why, but it does.

The Neil Gaiman thing may not be urban legend. He has posted photos on his blog of his current work on the Graveyard book, handwritten in a journal.