18 January 2007

Too much of a good thing?

Word Nerd hasn't posted a book banter column in over a week.
Shocking. She knows.
Maybe this sounds odd, but Word Nerd's not that interested in reading right now.
Here's the thing: Word Nerd is enjoying the book she's reading, but it's 438 pages and rather slow-going at times as the author recaps stuff that happened in the first three books in the series. And finishing the book has just not been a priority.
Is it possible to get booked-out?
Is this just the by-product of not reading something that's a gripping page-turner? Or just that other things are taking up time (ie, trying to meet Word Nerd's self-imposed January writing goal and conquering the world in the computer game that Word Nerd's pater familias got her for Christmas? ...thanks Dad...)

Has this happened to anybody else?


Stacie Penney said...

Believe me or not, but yes. I get booked out. I usually od on one genre, take a week or two off, then spend a week od'ing on another genre, but catching up the word count.

Prime Looper said...

HAHA! You're asking ME? Oh wait, you're not. You're just posing a question to your readers in general.

Oh yeah, I get booked-out. Computer games and real life generally are the culprit. Or was it lack of willpower on my end? I certainly don't read as much as you do, though, so I don't think I'd beat myself up about it.