12 January 2007

Please use the following words in a sentence

If you haven't heard, the American Dialect Society voted a week ago on the 2006 word of year.

And the winner is, "pluto" as a verb, as in "to pluto/be plutoed," meaning to "devalue or demote something/someone."

The word comes from the decision to revoke Pluto's planetary status and demote it to a dwarf planet. As in "The astronomers plutoed Pluto."

The press release from the Dialect Society is here, explaining "plutoed" and the other runner-up words in a bunch of different categories.

Looking at all these words, Word Nerd's not sure she can appropriately use them in a sentence. Bonus points to anyone who can post a sentence using "plutoed" or one of the other words. Bonus bonus points for using more than one in the same sentence.

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