26 January 2007

And now for something new...

Two new things in fact.

1. Every time Word Nerd goes to USAToday's Life section to check book news, she gets the ads that cover up the text for the new Nintendo DS game Hotel Dusk Room 215. The ad says it's an interactive novel. It's apparently the reader (player?) is the detective and has to solve a murder.

Word Nerd is curious about this. Is it like a Choose Your Own Adventure book? Or like an RPG of sorts? Or like Myst where the player wanders around the world (seemingly aimlessly until you find that magic switch that starts to unlock the puzzles?) Anybody actually see/play this game in real life?

2. USAToday Book News today is also reporting about a new novel from Finland written entirely in text messages. The full story is here, but the gist is, the main character keeps in touch with people after he quits his job through text messages and the book is full of the abbreviations, etc., used in texting.

Word Nerd would be interested in thumbing through this book, just to see what it looks like with these messages on the page, but somehow she wonders how you move a plot along without having sentences with complete words in them.

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Tolmek said...

I just picked up this game and plan to play through it after finishing another "interactive novel"-type DS game called Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All.