28 July 2006

The end of the "July Experiment"

The July experiment, for anyone who just tuned in, was Word Nerd's plan to read only books written by men in July. (Calling it the July Experiment gives it quite the black-ops/secret missions ring, right?)

She is glad that July is almost over -- not because men write bad books (far from it) but because most of the books on her I-have-to-read-this-one-next list are written by women. The wait has been on the edge just before agonizing.

The list of authors to read next includes Sarah Strohmeyer, Janet Evanovich, Anne Frasier and more. The ARC of Anne Frasier's "Pale Immortal" I think has about burned a hole in my floor from waiting to be read and Sarah Strohmeyer's "The Cinderella Pact" continues to perch precariously on my bookshelf (one good jump by the cat... he'd knock it off the shelf with a whisker-brush) since Word Nerd's going to get to it right way. She got both books either just before July began or early on in the month. Waiting patiently has never been one of Word Nerd's virtues.

The month of reading men-only authors has not been bad. Word Nerd challenged herself with Ken Macleod's "The Star Fraction" a hard-core political sci-fi book and discovered why her pater familias (aka Dad) likes Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels so much.

Word Nerd is debating however whether the July Experiment should become an annual tradition. Thoughts? Suggestions? She's willing to listen.

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Prime Looper said...

Annual? Pshaw. How about semi-annual? Haha! Though at what point would it stop being an experiment?

I'm no help, I know. :-)