10 July 2006


Maybe you heard -- there's a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie out in theatres and it made a ton of money over the weekend.

Pirates are apparently, the new thing, and there's no lack of them in books either. Word Nerd has tried her hand at writing pirates into one of her stories. Just a note, it took a lot of research on her part to understand the pieces-parts of a tall ship that would be appropriate for pirate ships. Naming the ships was the best part (how about it... the Jacinthe and the Wylde Wynne.)

USAToday has a quick list here of other titles involving those swarthy ne'er-do-wells.

They of course, left some out. Here are some others books that you can curl up with while drinking your favorite grog.

-- Captain Blood, The Red Flag, Sea Hawk: Rafael Sabatini
-- Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson
-- Peter and the Starcatchers, Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson
-- Piratica, Tanith Lee

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