03 July 2006

The July Reading List

Word Nerd has realized lately that most (not quite all, but most) of the books she has been reading have been written by women. This is quite logical given her shifting reading tastes that now include more chick lit or spin-offs of that (mysteries, paranormals, etc.)

Word Nerd isn't trying to be a single-gender reader, but she realized that she needed to be deliberate about getting the books by boys home from the library and actually reading them.

For the month of July, Word Nerd is going to read only books written by men. This has already started with the Sandman Collection vol. 6 (graphic novels count) and the Mil Millington novel, both of which are engaging.

July has only just begun, so if there's a book by a man that Word Nerd just has to read, drop some recommendations in the comments and she'll take them under advisement.


Tolmek said...

You might try the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher. The first one is Storm Front. They'll be in the paperback section up until the 7th & 8th books which were the first hardcover novels in the series.

Oh, and Three Septembers and a January is one of my favorite Sandman stories.

Bethany K. Warner said...

I have the first Jim Butcher book. I will have to read that this month.

Three Septembers was good... I liked the Marco Polo one as well.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Nice of you to give the boys attention too, Bethany! *laughs* Hope you find some gems!