06 February 2006

Book Banter -- Heat Stroke

Title: Heat Stroke (Weather Warden Bk. 2)
Author: Rachel Caine
Length: 335 pages
Genre: urban fantasy/chick lit
Plot Basics: After getting chased across the country by the storm of the century, weather warden Joanne Baldwin died and got turned into a djinn. Now, she has to learn how to control all that power -- including conjuring herself up great shoes -- all while trying to avoid getting claimed and stuffed in a bottle which makes it difficult to save the world, which is up to her. Again.
Banter Points: The difference between Jo the human and Jo the djinn was great to see. Caine subtly changed Jo's voice and perspective on the world. As a djinn, she was a lot tougher. It made sense as a reader to see her change that way since the author had given a reason for why.
Bummer Points: This book didn't neatly wrap up the plot, but set the stage for book 3.

Word Nerd recommendation: This series isn't going to win any Pulitzer for fiction, but it is entertaining. These are great beach reads/airplane books/waiting while the mechanic changes the oil in the car literature because the story is engaging and the pages turn very quickly.

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