24 February 2006

Book Banter -- Good Behavior

Title: Good Behavior
Author: Donald E. Westlake
Length: 244 pages
Genre: crime/comedy
Plot Basics: When thing go awry during a caper (like normal), burglar John Dortmunder falls into other employment. Dortmunder is hired by a group of nuns to rescue one of their own who has been kidnapped by her father who is disgruntled with her choice to be a nun.

Banter Points: Westlake again has crafted a book full of comedy and wry humor. He has a talent (read gift) for humorous understatement and crafting sets of unlikely circumstances that hang together with more than a modicum of plausibility. Westlake also ties in little snippets of new information about old plots to keep long-time reader on their toes.
Bummer Points: Dortmunder's partner in many of his capers, Andy Kelp, was around in this book, but his character was toned way down... Disappointingly. There's also no cover image available for this post because the book is out of print since it was first published in 1985.

Word Nerd recommendation: It helps to go back and read from the beginning of the series, but it's not imperative.

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