03 February 2006

Acceptance Speech

The Word Nerd gets to take a lovely little road trip today to Stevens Point for the Wisconsin Newspaper Association awards lunch.

In her day job, the Word Nerd and her colleague Jim Collar, who deals up poker tips in the OshVegas Poker Room, won a reporting award from the the Wisconsin State Bar Association and so we have to go pick it up.

This comes with a small amount of trepidation. Do we have to stand up? Make a speech? Is this like the Oscars???

In preparation for the unlikely event that this is like the Oscars and an acceptance speech is required, Word Nerd decided she'd run her remarks here.

Word Nerd: enthusiastically holding a trophy/award/whatever. I just have to say, thanks, wow. I never thought I'd be here.
This is really, really swell. maybe wiping away a tear of excitement. I can't really take credit for this all by myself.
There are so many other people I have to thank -- my editor, Karl, who really made me get out of the office to make this story what is was. The copy desk for putting it on the page, the guys who run the printers, the great sources who talked so candidly for the story.
Oh, and I couldn't have done this without Mrs. Bersaglini, my first-grade teacher, who taught me how to write sentences and stories. I wouldn't be here without you and all those assignments we did to learn how to spell and record events in our journals. Thanks also to Dave and Charlie and Julia and Holly, my journalism profs and editors in college who helped me hone my craft.
And my parents -- thanks Mom and Dad. Getting the evil eye from the producers that it's time for a commerical break.
Thanks, thanks, thanks. I know I've forgotten people, but you know who you are and ... whisked off stage.

Er... on second thought, I doubt there will be a need for such a speech. I hope.

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Tolmek said...

Ooooooooh! An award! That's great news! Congratulations. ^_^