02 January 2012

2011 Reading Goals -- Accomplished!

Back at the end of 2010, I set some reading goals for myself for 2011 and now that the year is over, it's time to see how I did. 

Bethany's 2011 Reading Goals
  • Read a total of 85 books in 2011. The grand total was 92. 
  • Read one book by a Russian master. I will gladly take recommendations. Pushed my way through Anna Karenina back in the first part of the year. Done. 
  • Read the remaining 6 of Michael Connelly's back list (and the new one coming out in April) to be totally caught up with everything he's written. Done and done, with the bonus of also having read the newest, new one that came out in November. 
  • Re-read either Lord of the Rings or C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy. It was a decade ago that I last read them both. If I get through both, I'm awarding myself bonus points. No bonus points here, as I only made it through Lewis' Space Trilogy. That such a good series, it's a win. 
  • Read at least one book a month that comes from my bookshelf instead of the library to get caught up on things I've borrowed or purchased. I completely lost track of this goal. I know in the last few months, I've failed, so sigh... missed this one. 
  • Read at least 3 books considered to be "important" books that I've never read. Despite taking advanced or AP English through all of high school and two lit classes in college there's an alarming number of really famous books I've never read (for example,Catcher in the Rye.) I think it's high time that I tackle of a few of these classics. Just don't make me read Jane Austen unless it also involves zombies or sea monsters, OK? And the three were: "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien, "Finding Alaska" by John Green and "Foundation" by Isaac Asimov. 
And now, to create 2012's goals... tune in Thursday. 

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