15 November 2011

Book Banter: Amulet Books 1-4

Titles: The Stonekeeper
The Stonekeeper's Curse
The Cloud Searchers
The Last Council
Author: Kazu Kibuishi
Genre: Graphic Novel
Length: about 200 pages each
Where Stacie's Copy Came From: Personal Collection
Plot Basics: After a terrible accident that leaves Emily and Navin with one parent, they move to the country and the house where her great-grandfather Silas lived. Once there, Emily finds that her inheritance is move than just a old house, and bigger than anything she imagined.

Banter Points: My eleven year old introduced this series to our house after a unit in English on graphic novels. The first two or three books were out then, and we purchased this much conversed about series. After a while, my eight year old was reading and talking about them too. This week, I decided to see what they were about.


Gorgeous pictures. Fun, yet scary, adventures. Themes that both the boys and I can relate to. Emily and Navin are equally part of the plot, with different challenges. The side characters are fabulous also.

I really like that Emily needs to judge and decide what is best. It isn't obvious, she doesn't always go with the advice she is given and occasionally she makes bad decisions.

Bummer Points: Each book moves the plot forward by one point only. Maybe that is typical of graphic novels, but new to me. The pictures are definitely what holds the story together.

Stacie's Recommendation: Check them out. It's rare that the boys introduce me to a book that I enjoy as much as them. Usually, I'm telling them what to read, rather than them telling me.

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