26 July 2011

Breaking Rules

Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?

Me, I'm a rule breaker. I know, I know, I really do seem like a rule follower to those who know me. But those who REALLY know me, understand the game.

The Game is to know the rules, then bend, twist and break away. Those that play The Game know that rules are really an arbitrary means of placing structure around life.

Okay, structure keeps us safe. After all, speed limits are supposed to keep us safe from those that aren't good at driving at Nascar-like speeds. Rules about penicillin prevent more super germs from forming.

But when it comes to writing, rule breaking is good. Encouraged even. But in order to effectively break the rules, one must first know the rules.

What is your favorite rule to break? Or, what author or writing device never fails to please when it is broken effectively?

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