19 May 2011

Max and Lena

Meet Max and Lena.

This precious set of twins are going to become part of my best friend, Alex's, family. Right now, they live in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. They are HIV positive, which is all the more reason they need a great family to become theirs and love on them lots.

After some long months of paperwork and then waiting, it's time for Alex and her husband to travel to Eastern Europe and begin the next steps of bringing Max and Lena home. Alex has wonderfully chronicled much of the story here, and I'd encourage you to read. Won't take too long, but if you are easily emotional, you might want a tissue handy.

As you can imagine, the adoption process is costly.

To help raise some more fund toward bringing the twins home, they are holding a giveaway for an iPad. $5 gets one entry. Every $5 after that gets an additional entry, so generosity can increase your chances of winning. They have official rules and how to enter here. You can enter until May 21st.

IPads are cool. Alex's family is cool and I fully expect Max and Lena to be a cool addition. However, as a fundraiser, I have to say coercion to give is not cool. If this story doesn't move you, keep your $5 and find a charity/cause that speaks to your heart.

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