22 November 2010

Book Banter -- One Hit Wonder

Title: One Hit Wonder
Author: Charlie Carillo
Length: 372 pages
Genre: Literary fiction
Where Word Nerd's Copy Came From: Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library
Plot Basics: Mickey DeFalco was an 80s teen sensation with one hit song, "Summer Days."  But those days are long gone and now Mickey is pushing 40 and is a washed-up has-been. He returns to his parents' house outside of New York and tries to put his life back together. Also back in town is Lynn Mahoney, the girl who broke his heart and inspired his one hit song, enigmatic as ever, and Mickey tries to figure out her -- and himself in the process of finishing growing up.

Banter Points: Delightful. I picked up this book up for the cover art and I was happily surprised to read the story inside. Carillo writes believable, breezy characters and deals with the journey into middle age a funny and heart-warming read. The story was Nick-Hornsby-esque with that right mix of comedy and heartfelt scenes. Carillo also writes a great yarn, keeping the threads of a mystery alive at just the right time and giving Mickey the big reveal about his recent past at what otherwise would have been a low-point in the story.

Bummer Points: The end. Not at all what I was expecting and thought it sort of cheapened what otherwise was a great story.

Word Nerd Recommendation: A definite worthwhile read, especially for Hornsby fans or people who like smart/funny reads.

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