02 June 2010

What's in a name?

Word Nerd's madly writing again, going back and making something viable out of what she wrote during NaNoWriMo in November. It's going well, but she needs some names.

Rather than spending hours (hours? Yeah, maybe...) pouring over choices at behindthename.com, she's going to turn to you, her faithful readers for some help.

Here's what she needs:
  • A police woman. First and last name... Sgt. ??? ???
  • Her protagonist's middle name. Ainsley ??? Doran. It's used one whole time in a legal document. But, it looks funny without it.
  • A black pegasus. She asked for help on this before and got the helpful suggestion of Charlie. Charlie was a unicorn, not a pegasus. This pegasus is a part of a polo string and needs a name sounding like a champion. Cuz he is.

So, what do you get for your help? An advance copy of Kirsten Miller's "The Eternal Ones." Straight from the publishers. Before it comes out in August.

Anyone who puts a name suggestion in the comments is entered! Winner will be chosen at the end of this week!


Stacie Penney said...

Sgt. Rebecca Mosley
Ainsley Anastasia Doran

Okay, the last one was really cheesy :)

johnny dangerous said...

Sgt. Ana Cordova (Latina, has to deal with prejudice and old-boys-network too)

middle name Emma, named after grandmother

Fuego (Spanish for "Fire")

John Desjarlais

Beth said...

Sgt. Katherine (Kate) Malloy

Ainsley Elizabeth
Ainsley Emmeline
Ainsley Brooke

because with a first and last name that both have 2 syllables, you either need a longer or shorter name to make it sound right I think.

Enki or Nabu

because they are both Mesopotamian gods associated with Mercury (very fitting for a champion Pegasus I think)

Don't know if any of that will help you or not. But the name game is one of my favorites :)

Amy said...

Sgt. Mary Monroe

Ainsley Melissa Doran

Midnight Wind

I have no reasoning for these choices - they just jumped into my head...