12 April 2010

NaNoWriMo Revisted

In the past week, Word Nerd has re-read the 50,000 words she wrote during November and the madness that is National Novel Writing Month.

A bunch of life stuff happened in between NaNo and now (like, say, buying and moving into her first house). She putzed around back in December with some of the early chapters. Yet honestly, she didn't really even remember what happened in her whole story. And, Word Nerd is not one who likes leaving projects unfinished.

The plan is to get back into the book -- move some scenes around, spruce up the first 50K words and finish telling this story. Word Nerd doesn't exactly remember all the things she thought she might do in the second half of the book (oh, the dangers of no outline and writing at NaNo speeds), but she's given herself bread crumbs all over the place to pick up and run with. (Like the thing with still, as-yet-unnamed Pegasus. Or the miniature knight. Who also needs a name.)

Now that's she's done with the reread, the next step is an outline. For the whole thing. Word Nerd actually likes a lot of what she wrote during NaNo, but not the placement. The flow feels a little disjointed. So, a full out map of the story is in order. She's also got one minor character who needs sorted out (what's her role in the story? Does she even belong there?). But it's all good problems to solve.

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