23 November 2009

This is like steak

Lately, Word Nerd's been reading lots of genre fiction.

Not that there's anything wrong with genre fiction, mind you. Some of its super and some of it is a little less filling and some is just plain brain candy.

Realizing that she's been deprived of reading anything in that literary fiction category for a while, Word Nerd launched into Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife this weekend. (Yep, she's a little behind...)

Wow. Comparatively, this book is like steak. Word Nerd doesn't actually want a steady diet of this, but every so often, it's good to sink into a read where the words are chewy and savory.

It's been hard not to devour the whole thing in the weekend. Word Nerd's tried to pace herself and so far is about halfway through.

But wow. Henry DeTamble may be one of her new favorite characters.

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Stacie Penney said...


Plan to read it again about 6-12 months after the first time. It's even better.