06 November 2009

NaNo quick contest!


It's day six of NaNoWriMo 2009 and I need a name for a character.

And not just any character, my villain!

His last name is Pearce, but he needs a catchy first name. Pearce is a global player, and can be from a family with parents of two different nationalities, so his first name might be something exotic.

Post your suggestions for a first name in the comments by Monday morning (8 am EST). If I pick yours, you'll win my undying gratitude. And possibly a cool prize. Like a free book.

Also, if you want to be NaNo buddies, my NaNo username is bkwarner.


J said...

How about Vincent? Vincent Pearce sounds cosmo.


Rachel Brady said...

I wanted to use the evil-sounding name Sorian but didn't have a use for it. Maybe you have Sorian Pearce.

Jay H said...

* Reynaldo was the first thing that came to mind. Or Reynold/Reginald if you're looking for something less Spanish.

* Astor. "Astor Pearce" has a good villainous rhythm to it.

* Vladimir. (Echoes of the famous Impaler.)

* Dave. (Kidding.)

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I really like the name Uri - but the guy I know with that name is super nice, so not sure it'd work for a villian. :)

Gin said...

Mikel Pearce

Hector Pearce

Rurik Pearce

Frey Pearce

Dario Pearce

I can keep going... ;)