05 February 2009

Last four chapters. Again.

Word Nerd is rereading her own book and marking it all over with purple pen after her beta readers provided their feedback.

First, it is important to note that the pages aren't bleeding as much as the last time through.

Second, it is important to note that in fixing things a second time, Word Nerd thinks these edits will be much harder. She took care of the easy things the first time. This time will require real sleeve-rolling-up, nose-to-the-grindstone attitude to get done.

Third, there is a chapter, or possibly two, that might get completely excised and rewritten to include more Danger! and Conflict! because they are seriously lacking in these areas and Word Nerd was close to bored by her own novel when reading them. This can never be a good sign.

But first, she must read the last four chapters. A note to all future readers -- when you get to the last four chapters of Word Nerd's book, make sure you have time to read them all at once. Her book is sort of like a roller coaster where somehow the engineers have figured out how to save the Really Big Hill for the very end. Everything comes hurtling down to the conclusion all at once.

Word Nerd, as a reader, sort of wishes she could skip at least three of them and just jump to the end. She could skip all the big emotions, all the stuff that happens to the characters in the last three chapters.

As a writer, Word Nerd takes her own reaction to this as a wonderful sign. This means, she thinks, the set-up works. The emotions are true. The plot holds together.

She hopes. Because she still has to reread these last four chapters. Again.

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