09 February 2009

Book Banter -- Love in the Time of Fridges

Title: Love in the Time of Fridges
Author: Tim Scott
Length: 347 pages
Genre: Sci-fi
Plot Basics: Huckleberry Lindbergh returns to the city of New Seattle to try to pick up the threads of his life. He used to be a New Seattle policeman, but he left that life to try to escape personal pain. Now, as returns, he finds the city run by the Department of Health and Safety, with their inane warnings "Don't die for no reason, there's really no point." Within hours of arriving, he's helping a girl move some contraband, sentient fridges (and a tumble dryer), getting head hacked and wondering why he returned at all.
Banter Points: Word Nerd found this book just browsing the new sci-fi books section at the library. Admittedly, it was the title that made her pick it up and she found a great story within. The "plot basics" section makes the story sound strange -- which it is -- but it also has some really tender moments. Moreover, this is sci-fi in the vein of "Brave New World" not space opera, and it was really plausible to see how our hyper-safety conscious world could turn into the manic safety drive New Seattle. This is a title is an early front-runner for Word Nerd "Best Books of 2009" list.
Bummer Points: So far, Tim Scott only has one other book out. Word Nerd was hoping for a really long back list because this is one of the freshest, quirkiest sci-fi books she's read in a long time.
Word Nerd Recommendation: Fans of Jasper Fforde or Douglas Adams should gravitate to Scott, who add a depth to his silliness.

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