16 October 2008

Word Count Fluctuator

The goal is to see more movement on the editing meter and word count fluctuator in the next six weeks.

Word Nerd recently moved to a new apartment and threw a big fundraiser event at her real job, so there wasn't enough space left in her head to think about the book. Now, she's trying to get back on a rigorous work-on-the-book-everyday schedule. So far, she's managed three days in a row.

Her goal was to get the book edited by the end of this year... she's actually bumped up her timetable to the end of November. Since November is National Novel Writing Month, Word Nerd's going to celebrate the occasion in her own fashion as National Novel Editing Month and be done with at least this first pass on revisions.

Then... well, then it's likely time to think about querying agents.

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