15 October 2008

Book Banter -- Good People

Title: Good People
Author: Marcus Sakey
Length: 326 pages
Genre: Crime/thriller
Plot Basics: Chicagoans Tom and Anna Reed are weighed down by debt from their attempts to have a child through IVF. When they suddenly find almost $400,000 tucked away in their tenant's apartment after he dies, they think their money troubles are over. Only Tom and Anna aren't the only ones who think the money should belong to them and the cash puts them in the path of robbers, drug dealers and a glory-seeking cop.
Banter Points: Sakey just keeps getting better. After bursting into the world of crime fiction a few years ago with "The Blade Itself" and following that up with "At the City's Edge," his latest, "Good People," is another top-notch novel. Sakey deftly takes the premise of regular people coming into questionable money and infuses it with suspense and lyrical prose.
Bummer Points: Word Nerd's read Sakey's other two books in one sitting and was bummed she couldn't do that with this one. She had a hard time putting it down.
Word Nerd Recommendation: Go to the library/bookstore and get this book right now.

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