21 April 2008

The Revision Schedule

Word Nerd went through her WIP late last week to devise a plan for how to work through revisions. Tackling the 381-page manuscript seems to daunting when thinking about it all at once.

Word Nerd went through and added chapter breaks and her revision schedule roughly follows the chapters. All in all, it's 39 sections of about 8-12 pages each that she needs to tackle. Looking at revisions like this seems so much more do-able than thinking about the whole book.

To the right, you'll see new progress meters for revisions and the new "word count fluctuator." As Word Nerd revises, the total word count for the book fluctuates, so this seemed easier than always reposting the total.

With the 39 sections (3 down, 36 to go!) Word Nerd's hopeful that she'll be through the first draft by the end of May-ish. That should be cause for celebration!

1 comment:

dra cristina said...

It sounds like you are making progress and have a doable plan! Cool!