16 April 2008

Book Banter -- Too Pretty to Die

Title: Too Pretty to Die
Author: Susan McBride
Length: ~350 pages
Genre: chick-lit/mystery
Plot Basics: Dallas debutante drop-out Andy Kendricks is dragged to a "pretty party" by her reporter-friend Janet. Pretty parties are the latest fad sweeping upper crust Dallas, replacing Tupperware with Botox and other cosmetic treatments. When Andy's old grade-school classmate, Miranda DuBois crashes a pretty party looking much worse for the cosmetic surgery wear, Andy volunteers to take her home. The next morning, Miranda is dead and while the police call it suicide, Andy just doesn't see why a former Dallas pageant winner would shuffle herself off.
Banter Points: Andy's detecting antics are top-notch again in McBride's latest offering in the Debutante Dropout series. The hilarity between her and her mother continues. And McBride keeps the whole book to to a tight time frame which is well-done and believable and prevents the action from sprawling all over.
Bummer Points: The Caviar Club plot twist seems to come out of nowhere like McBride was trying to hard for comedy and thought that scene would be funny. It's not.
Word Nerd Recommendation: On the whole, the series is good and this one is still up there, save for the Caviar Club bit.

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