19 February 2008

Book Banter -- Summer Knight

Title: Summer Knight
Author: Jim Butcher
Genre: fantasy
Length: 371 pages
Plot Basics: Chicago's only wizard, Harry Dresden's latest client isn't quite human. In fact, she's not human at all, but Mab, Winter Queen of the faeries. Mab forces Harry to investigate the death of the Summer Knight, an important person on the other side of faerie politics. If Harry doesn't reveal the real killer on time, the faerie courts will end up in a war that could result in either the next ice age or turn everything into oven. Harry's handled the heat from cases in the past, but this new one has colder consequences than he may want to face.
Banter Points: Again a resounding "huzzah" for Butcher's inventive series. After the first two books which were mediocre, book three and now book four in the Dresden files have been great. This one was another page-turner with a great level of intrigue between the faerie courts to go along with the great actions sequences Butcher writes.
Bummer Points: Some bad stuff happened to Dresden's special lady friend at the end of book three and nothing's happened yet to resolve that part of the plot.
Word Nerd Recommendation: It's a fun series. A must-read for fans of Rachel Caine or Steven Brust.

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Stacie Penney said...

This was definitely the book that capture me for the series. I especially like Dreden as a flawed hero.