22 February 2008

Book Banter -- Private Demon

Title: Private Demon (Darkyn bk. 2)
Author: Lynn Viehl
Genre: Paranormal
Length: 287 pages
Plot Basics: A few spoilers here from book 1, sorry.

After Dr. Alexandra Keller fixes Thierry Durand's injuries, he cannot escape the madness in his mind from the torture inflicted on him. He flees New Orleans with Kyn hunters/assassins on his trail and goes to Chicago to avenge the attack on Luisa Lopez. In Chicago, he meets Jema Shaw, a frail museum worker and begins visiting her in her dreams. As the dreams get more intense, so does the hunt for Thierry and for Alex's brother, John, who is on the run from both Kyn and Brethren. And Jema turns out to hold a dark secret of her own.
Banter Points: Book two nicely picked up where book one left off, instead of jumping too far ahead in time and having to explaing the intervening time in flashbacks.
Bummer Points: This book was a little all-over for me. It just wasn't as solid as the first one... Word Nerd struggled with whether Alex Keller or Jema Shaw was the true leading lady for this book, and the same with the men -- Thierry, Valentin, Michael -- all were sort of leading man. As a result, nobody really got the attention and development they deserved.
Word Nerd Recommendation: Book three in the series will probably show up on the TBR pile at some point, but not right away. Again, a pretty good showing in the world of vampire fiction, but could have been better.

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